You have options in renewing your BCD.

Online renewal is fastest and easiest. The fee for BCD is $125; late-fee surcharge is $35.

If you are retired, the fee is $50; late-fee surcharge is $15.

Recertify Now

BCD annual recertification (subject to audit) is based on the following standards:

  • Currency of Practice (at least 300 hours of practice within the year);
  • State Licensure in good standing (unless officially exempt);
  • Ethical practice (see Code of Ethics);
  • 20 Hours of Continuing Education

Annual recertification sends a clear message to employers, referral-makers, healthcare companies, and the public; it is a big part of what makes the BCD truly the “gold standard” among behavioral healthcare certifications. Questions? Please email

The fee for recertifying by mail ($135) is more expensive. Please contact ABE if you need paper recertification forms or if you need advice.

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